VOTE for Adam Zerny

I am standing as an INDEPENDENT candidate for North East Bedfordshire in the General Election!

That’s right, you read that correctly, I will stand for Parliament in December’s General Election.

At the last local election in May, 13 Independents were elected to Central Bedfordshire Council. This reflects the comments I heard on the doorsteps that people are fed up with party politics. They want someone to stand-up for them, NOT just represent a political party.

The disillusionment with political parties is now moving into national politics. People are tired of the infighting and timewasting over Brexit and the inability of Parliament to get anything else done. Many MPs have left their parties to stand as Independents.

Likewise many respected moderate politicians have walked away completely. When the moderates step aside all we’ll be left with in Westminster is the extremes on either side.

What’s the alternative?

In my eight years as an Independent councillor on Central Bedfordshire Council, I have fought against over-development and for more infrastructure, more policing, better environmental protection and improved roads and healthcare.

Most of all, I have sought to make sure people know what is going on.
I have provided residents with a monthly email newsletter and weekly posts on Facebook covering every aspect of the local authority. You only need to search my name to see them.

I want to do the same for you as your Member of Parliament.

I will stand as an Independent in North East Beds, the constituency formerly represented by Alistair Burt as a Conservative and more recently as an Independent.

This election is not just about Brexit. You’re voting for someone for the next five years.

Can you help?

The North East Bedfordshire constituency is huge so I will need lots of help and support with leafletting and organisation.

Please get in touch via if you would like to have an INDEPENDENT MP. Let me know where you are.

Be a part of something positive.

Bring on 12th December!