Independent panel recommends cuts to councillors’ allowances

Remember this councillor’s expenses story from a few months back?

Well the Biggleswade Chronicle today covers the news that an independent panel has recommended two Central Bedfordshire Councillors have their allowances reduced.

Cllrs Tricia Turner and Richard Stay were awarded £10,721 to act as advisors to the council after the elections in May but many people, myself included, could not see how these sums were justified.

The panel concluded that Cllr Turner’s allowance be reduced to £10,654 and Cllr Stay’s to £6,267.

The conclusions reached by the Independent Remuneration Panel justify the concerns of residents, and myself, that the payments awarded to the councillors were utterly ludicrous.

I hope now that the members who voted in favour of the allowances will approve the findings of the panel and vote to accept the lower payments. This is what the electorate will expect.

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