A letter to Beds On Sunday

Dear Sir,

I was intrigued to read on your website today that First Capital Connect are celebrating ‘happy customers’.
The article includes a self-congratulatory quote from Neil Lawson, FCC’s Managing Director but sadly there appeared to be no space to hear from the firm’s customers.
I am concerned the statistics might have been used fairly selectively!
If you go on to Passenger Focus’s website to read the survey in question you may note the following facts:
Only 46% of rail passengers believe they get value for money (this falls to just 34% for First Capital Connect – only three others score lower).

FCC’s satisfaction score of 79% is lower than ANY other operator. Only one scores lower than FCC for punctuality, although it’s not just the lack of punctuality, it appears to be their inability to deal with it; they finished bottom of the league on how they deal with delays (only 30% satisfaction) and only 17% of users felt staff were available a sufficient amount of the time.
What’s more, it doesn’t even appear that FCC’s unfortunate passengers can sit down and complain about it. Only one other train operator scored lower than FCC when it came to space for passengers.

And don’t even think of hiding in the toilet; only 29% of their passengers are happy with toilet facilities. 

Adam Zerny