Housing development questionnaire

The latest consultation on the housing development on Biggleswade Road, Potton takes place this month.

The document/questionnaire is available from:

Potton Town Council Office, Brook End, Potton
Potton Library, Market Square, Potton
Central Bedfordshire Council reception, Chicksands, Shefford, SG17 5TQ.
(or email me: adamzerny@hotmail.co.uk) and I can send you a PDF)

Representatives from the developers will be available from 2-8pm on Tuesday, 17th July, and 10am-2pm on Wednesday, 18th July, at the Potton Town Council Office, Brook End.

When considering the questions you might want to consider:

1) Do you feel there are any further constraints that need to be identified, as illustrated on the Constraints Diagram in the draft Development Brief?

The document itself is the Draft Development Brief. Here you can mention what type of architecture you’d like to see, what density of buildings, what height of houses (i.e. how many storeys) and how sightlines might be important.

2. Do you have any comments on the draft Concept Plan?

Again, the language is unnecessarily complex. One can only assume they mean the illustration inside.

3. What type of housing development would you like to see provided on the site?

For example you could choose, flats, social housing, small/large houses.

4. What type of employment development would you like to see provided on the site?

For example. shops, trading estates, hotels. The document also mentions B1 but there is no explanation of what this means! Presumably light industry but this leaves a very broad spectrum.

5. Do you suppport the provision of a new communtity hall and if so, what facilities should it provide?

This is an interesting question to ask given one of the major justifications given by the local authority and the developer for the development going ahead was that the local community wanted a community hall! The document suggests only a site is being provided not the hall itself.

6. What specific proposals would you favour on the proposed amenity space (e.g. pitch areas, community orchard, wild life habitat)?

What do you want the ‘amenity space’ (this is the green area on the illustration by the brook) to become? The developers can’t build on it as it is a flood plain.

7. Do you have any additional comments on the draft Development Brief?

Any other views, As there doesn’t seem to be a question asking whether you are in favour of their plan as a whole, you should feel welcome to put your comments here.

The completed questionnaire should be sent to:

DH Barford & Co.
Howard House
17 Church Street
St Neots
PE19 2BU

Who are the agent acting on behalf of the developer. If you prefer, you could send it to:

Planning Policy, Central Bedfordshire Council, Technology House, Ampthill Road, Bedford, MK42 9BD.

The consultation ends on 30th July.