Potton Local Area Transport Plan

Central Bedfordshire Council commenced public consultation on the Potton Local Area Transport Plan on Monday, 3rd September, 2012.

The Plan sets out the transport problems and issues in the area, and the ways in which the council will attempt to address these issues through investment in local improvement schemes. I have spotted a number of omissions which the council has agreed to add to the long list (see below).

The council would like to hear your views to help inform the decisions.

A copy of the plan can be seen here:
http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/travelling/your-travel-choices/transport-strategy/default.aspx (click on “Get Involved” to see the Plan).

There is also a consultation feedback form.

Or email me adamzerny@hotmail.co.uk and I will send you a PDF of it.

All comments must be received by the council by 23 November, 2012.

Extras issues:
20mph speedzone throughout the town.
HGVs in Bull Street causing damage to buildings.
HGV in Horslow Street, also unsuitable.
Traffic speeding at Deepdale.
Traffic speeding on Sandy Road well before the mini-roundabouts.
Station Road/Willow Road junction to wide given lack of visibility for elderly/those with pushchairs.
Station Road/Chapel Street junction to wide given lack of visibility for elderly/those with pushchairs.
Speeding on the road into Potton, past the Hollow where mothers with pushchairs cross the road
Speeding on the hill on the way into Potton from Gamlingay
Speeding on the B1040 as it passes the Sutton crossroads
Salt bins in a number of locations e.g. Judith Gardens (would this be relevant)
Lack of visibility on Biggleswade Road/Station Road junction due to motorists parking on bend
Mill Lane/Everton Road dangerous junction
Mill Lane speed limit (school)

Speeding on the way into Wrestlingworth from Potton and on the High Street
Speeding and lack of signage at the Wrestlingworth crossroads (B1042)

Speeding on the way into Everton from Sandy