Election pledges


Parliament has spent three years debating one issue and has not achieved anything else meaningful. No wonder Bedfordshire is so behind on infrastructure and policing.

None of the major parties have been able to resolve Brexit. We need more Independents who can truly work cross party to achieve results.


Independent councillors on Central Bedfordshire Council recently voted for the Council to declare a Climate Emergency however we can do more.

I am a strong believer that local authorities must act on their words and have since urged the Council to commit to specific timebased targets.

In the last year I have publicised how local authority rubbish ended-up in the Malaysian jungle and have called for better controls:

I have also put forward proposals to ensure the Council commits to better protection of hedges and trees:

I have argued for stronger rules to ensure housebuilders do more to protect the environment and wildlife, even down to swift boxes and bat boxes.

I pledge to keep climate emergency on top of the agenda and support policies which realistically reduce reliance on fossil fuels and over-consumption of natural resources.

I have also take the Friends of the Earth election pledge to make the climate crisis a deal-breaker in how I vote in parliament and to vote to support measures that help us rapidly cut greenhouse gas emissions and build a fairer and greener society.


Ever since becoming a councillor I have sought to expose overdevelopment across Central Bedfordshire. I have been particularly outspoken in my criticisms of huge housing projects around  Biggleswade, Sandy, Arlesey, Stotfold, Potton, Dunton, Sutton, Everton and Tempsford. 

We all recognise there must be more affordable housing as our children will need somewhere to live, but the scale of development has become unacceptable.

In 2017 I set-up a petition against overdevelopment after seeing the effect uncontrolled building was having on our area.
I co-ordinated 100 groups under the banner of All 4 Better Development. The petition received 20,000 signatures in just one month. (Read more here.)

We need a complete review of the massive developments planned for Biggleswade, Sandy/Tempsford, Arlesey/Stotfold and the villages around Bedford. There must be a freeze on construction until we can be sure sufficient affordable homes will be built and prioritised for local people, that houses are built to the highest environmental standards, and appropriate infrastructure is in place before they are approved.

The OxCam Arc project seeks to build a million new houses between Oxford and Cambridge:

Much of the planning for this scheme has so far been conducted by a body called SEMLEP whose meetings take place behind closed doors. There must be more scrutiny of developments which could blight our beautiful countryside for years to come.

I have also publicised the errors made by Central Bedfordshire Council in its Local Plan. The report was recently savaged by the Government inspectors who examined it. Frustratingly, the concerns expressed by these inspectors were exactly those which I and other Independent councillors highlighted two years ago. If only the Council had listened.
Read about the All4BetterDevelopment petition here

If you care about our countryside and don’t want a political party to spoil it, VOTE FOR ADAM.


As a councillor I have exposed Central Bedfordshire Council for its record on adult social care, particularly the terrible reports some of the care homes in our area have suffered. You can read of my concerns here:  https://www.facebook.com/adamzerny/posts/disturbing-details-on-damning-care-home-report-what-next-for-central-beds-counci/1136888603095283/.

In Potton we are fortunate to have a fantastic Doctors’ surgery but not all communities in our area are so lucky and I have heard tell of people having to wait six weeks for appointments. This must stop.

Our NHS staff do a fantastic job and I have kept a close eye on the continuing integration between Luton and Bedford hospitals both to ensure residents get the services they require and to make sure the staff are treated properly.

If you want an MP who will ensure our health services are protected and the elderly get the care they deserve, VOTE FOR ADAM.


As a councillor, I have consistently raised concerns about delays and poor service on the train route into London and have highlighted the habit of trains skipping stations which has affected Arlesey so badly. This must stop.

I have pushed for the removal of the last roundabouts on the A1, to improve traffic flow. I have also argued for improvements to the Black Cat roundabout.

I have sought to ensure everyone locally knows what is happening with East West Rail. I am concerned this area may see much upheaval for very little benefit.  The organisation involved has not been clear about the volumes of freight trains which will run on the route.

Here is my most recent post on these subjects: https://www.facebook.com/adamzerny/posts/2463393353778128

If elected I will work cross-party to ensure we get the improvements which are required to help this area. If this is what you want, VOTE FOR ADAM.


Bedfordshire Police do a great job but they are critically under-staffed and cannot support rural communities which have suffered terribly in recent years.
With the numbers they have, they are forced to be proactive not reactive. We deserve better for the taxes we pay.

The Police & Crime Commissioner system has been a massive waste of time and money.
Both of those who have filled the role have spent four years complaining of lack of cash but have achieved little.

Let’s save the money and replace it with a system which gives control to the Chief Constable who would be accountable to our local authorities. The money saved can be spent putting more police on the beat in the villages and towns.

If you want to see more Police officers on the beat, VOTE FOR ADAM.