How can an Independent achieve anything without a party?

In the House of Commons, every MP has the right to a vote and in a hung Parliament the vote of an Independent could be very significant.

The most important factor is that many MP’s must follow the Party line and cannot easily vote with their conscience.
Adam would be able to make his own mind up and vote with the interests of North East Bedfordshire at heart.

Martin Bell (aka The Man In White), who famously served as an Independent MP from 1997-2001, has endorsed Adam saying: ” I know from experience that it is possible, and widely appreciated, to serve in the House of Commons and represent the people not a party. Every vote is a free vote. I wish Adam every success.”

Adam has already achieved a lot as an Independent councillor on Central Beds.

For example, he was a leading figure in the battle to fight off a number of significant planning applications around Potton and the surrounding area.

He has supported local businesses and helped gain funding for many community groups. He is also working to achieve greater environmental protection for the area.

The Tory candidate for our constituency stood (and lost) in Bedford in 2017 and many people have told me they haven’t seen him since.
People seem curious as to why he is not standing in the Bedford constituency this time