Being Independent

Adam pledges to:
– Represent the towns and villages by consulting with them in order to gauge public opinion
– Keep people informed about what is happening in Bedfordshire and Westminster
– Remain Independent and not succumb to pressure from the established political parties
– Attempt to keep politics transparent and cut through the complex language favoured by government and councils which often makes information inaccessible.

Why be Independent?

A good question. Most people are used to the idea of voting for a party and the candidate it puts up. The reasons for this are varied and often ingrained in a person’s outlook to life.

So why would you want to vote for an independent candidate?
Adam believes that on a local level people are not best represented by the political parties – the party line should not over-rule the opinions of the people who actually live in the towns and villages.

An Independent MP has the freedom to listen to the views of the public, and represent them at parliament.

An Independent MP has no-one to answer to other than the voters who want their voice heard.